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Wild Flora (Hand Brew)

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Western ghats have the oldest flora and fauna of the Indian landscape, the true representation of the flavors, colors and aromas of the flowers, the vines and the soil itself. These wild flora and fauna contribute to the micro-climates and the fungi underworld of unlimited life in various patterns and senses. This 100% Arabica coffee is a truly aromatic experience and sensory journey through the vast, unexplored flavors, colors and sensory of life in harmony with nature.
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At Ekata, we believe that the cup of coffee that makes someone’s morning should also be the reason for someone else’s smile.

When we call our beans oneness coffee, it not only suggests the superior taste profile of our coffee but also the mindful process that went into making it.

Adhering to the formidable Demeter standards, we are a farm-to-cup biodynamic coffee community, producing coffee that supports the people involved, and the biodiversity of the environment.

Our pesticide-free farming preserves the natural habitat of birds, animals, and honeybees while keeping our water bodies and farmers healthy. We also ensure fair payment to our farmers, keeping them happy and fulfilled.

About Ekata Coffee

  • Sustainability

    Sustainability comes naturally to us as Ekata was born out of this vision. From growing coffee in the most authentic way without causing any damage to its ecosystem to constantly striving for the development of the people associated with us, Ekata is living the promise of sustainability.

  • Quality Care

    The compassion, commitment, and connection towards our customers, employees, and the wider community stem from one place - the genuine care we have for them. We assure you that the ultimate well-being of our people and the planet precedes our motivation for profits.

  • Fairness in Oneness

    Our dedication to fairness extends beyond the coffee sector and encompasses social and environmental responsibility in all aspects of our business. We treat everyone involved in our business with respect and equity, from the farmers who grow the beans to the customers who enjoy the final product.

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